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Alternative Cancer Treatment Arizona Featuring Dr Mel Schottenstein

[youtubestruct src=][title=Alternative Cancer Treatment Arizona Featuring Dr Mel Schottenstein][duration=PT3M30S][uploadDate=2018-04-30T22:18:04.000Z][thumbnailURL=][ytid=F8AVYUj92AA][description=Alternative Cancer Treatment Arizona Featuring Dr. Mel Schottenstein

There is a new addition to the An Oasis of Healing care team, Dr. Mel Schottenstein (Dr. Mel). She is a Naturopathic Doctor focused on Holistic Oncology.

We are excited that Dr. Schottenstein is now a part of our care team and you will see why in this video.

Since she was a child, Dr. Schottenstein had to deal with chronic health conditions. She was always at the hospital having various IVs and many different therapies.

Dr. Mel was constantly told by conventional doctors there wasn’t anything they could do to help her. These doctors kept giving her different medications to try to reduce my symptoms.

Not one doctor ever stopped and took the time to find what the root cause was regarding her health conditions. They never wondered and tried to find out why she never felt well.

Dr. Mel discovered on her own that natural medicine addressed the root cause of the issue at hand. She made the decision to transform her lifestyle she was living in order to improve her health conditions.

This realization made all the difference and why her health improved dramatically. This is why she’s here at An Oasis of Healing as we do things the right way and address the root cause.
Dr. Schottenstein is here to share her experience and knowledge with everyone who visits us.

She participated in every internship possible in order to gain experience. She wanted to know every aspect of the field she studied. After each year, Dr. Mel became a more saddened at how conventional medicine operated.

Dr. Mel would often ask herself, why would I go into this field, health conditions aren’t being fixed or reversed. Why were health problems not being found and fixed? That made it easy for her to gravitate to the field of Holistic Oncology.

This ultimately lead her to alternative cancer treatment Arizona and An Oasis of Healing. Conventional medicine has categories for disease. We need to remember disease is just a name and nothing more.

Cancer is a metabolic condition. When the mitochondria malfunctions inside the cell are when cancer starts to develop. Only after understanding what’s going on here can the root cause be treated properly.

That’s why Dr. Mel is here at An Oasis of Healing and we are thrilled to have her here. She likes practicing natural medicine and addressing the root cause of health issues.][/youtubestruct]
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